Thursday, April 29, 2010


Here are some environmental portraits of Adrian!
The weather was shitty, but I was able to pull it off with just a flash unit. The stands that the cage(equipment rental at school) give us for the lights are really shitty and have a umbrella mount that doesn't work. So, luckily, the diffuser on the head was sufficient enough.


A few weeks ago, we had renowned make-up artist, Sedrique Olison, and a very well-known model named April visit my Fashion class.
We were set up to do a bit of a guerrilla shoot outside of the school with Dave's equipment he had brought; these things called shiny boards, which are huge silver reflectors and of course, his notorious bounce flats.
Sedrique first painted April's beautiful canvas in natural-looking make-up, then put some dramatic dark make-up, as seen in the photo below.
This was the only image I have edited, since it was my favorite, I still need to go through and find the others that I like and I will post them soon.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A short little photo essay

Here's what I did for the first assignment in Photo Essay - a 5 photo package that tells a short story.
With this, I intended to create the mood and the setting from the typical observations that one takes when they hop to the light rail. Hope I got my point across.

Some school work from last quarter....

Here's what I turned in for my Advanced Principles final. The concept was a short editorial spread for Anthropologie.
Luckily, my friend, Micah, works at the store in Cherry Creek and has quite a bit of their clothes, so I asked her to model for me.

In Advertising/Art Direction, we had to make a billboard for anything. Something that would be easily-read and was twice as long as it was high or vice verse. I'm very notorious for doing things at the last minute, so, I figured I'd do something quick and simple, bit put a little bit of style and sparkle to it. I thought it'd be easy to do a product billboard, so, I just picked up one bottle of Fiji water, shot it in the studio, then did the rest in post; distorted it two different ways to show the proportionality of the different forms that Fiji water comes in. I was pretty proud of it, but, as always, my instructor is never really a fan of the things I do; oh well.

Jessi and Jerome

This past Saturday, April 17th, my friends Jessi and Jerome's 2 year anniversary. Jessi and I have been really close friends since 6th grade; I can hardly believe how long ago that was, but how it seems so recent. About a week before, I contacted Jessi and asked if she and Jerome would be interested in coming up to Denver so I could do a little photo shoot of them, in lieu if their "big day," I guess haha.

We arranged the shoot a day before, and, of course, I was unprepared the day of the shoot. I had class that day and was busy talking and doing some editing - I think.
So, Jessi and Rome arrive to the school early and I had to set up my lights and background while they sat there and watched me. I felt pretty bad, but, fortunately, the shoot came together pretty well. What matters, most importantly, is the fact that they LOVED their photos.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Carlos & Lukas

Here are a couple models from Model Mayhem whom I shot with.

First is Carlos.
He wanted photos of him in his underwear, so, I seized the opportunity, since I never turn down a shoot.
Love Em.

Next, is Lukas.
Lukas really surprised me when he contacted me, after I sent him a friend request on MM(Model Mayhem).
He was very energetic and asked if I would do some photos of him in his swimwear, given that he is, in fact, a swimmer.
Here's what I did for him.

Starting Fresh

I haven't updated this bad boy, in about a year.

I've deleted all my older posts, and I'm going to start from a clean slate.

I will be updating this regularly with work that I've been doing.

Hope you enjoy it :D