Sunday, May 23, 2010

Androgynous Beauty 1 - Kylah

For my final in Fashion, I'm doing a series of images of the theme that I am calling Androgynous Beauty. Women in men's clothes, very beautiful and timeless. I put up a casting call on Model Mayhem and was, yet again, surprised by the amount of people that responded to it.

I was very picky in who I wanted to shoot with, but, once I took a look at Kylah's portfolio, I knew I had to shoot with her.

Dave loved my images and wants me to work on it more. I just had another shoot yesterday, but I have one or two more girls lined up. EEE!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Jay - Headshots

A while back, when it was time to do the Mens suit shot in class, I had contacted A LOT of guys on Model Mayhem to model for me. Jay is one of the 10 guys that I approached, but didn't get back to me about the shoot until just recently. Since I didn't need him anymore for the suit assignment, he asked if we still wanted to shoot. He definitely needed some head shots, and, we both agreed, that his portfolio wasn't exactly strong. Jay has a really good look, but his photos weren't representative of that.

Courtney - Cowgirl in an open field

So, when I was given the cowboy hat assignment for Fashion class, I immediately envisioned a cowgirl for my shot. I pictured a sunset/late afternoon shot in an open field. Bradly assisted me with this shoot, as we trekked way out east to find this location. Geared up with a Ranger kit and the beautiful model, Courtney, we were all set to go!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Amber: Lingerie in a mens dress shirt

Here is the lovely Amber, a fellow member of Model Mayhem. I posted a casting call a few weeks ago for a shoot with the concept of lingerie in a mens dress shirt. Amber responded and I knew I had to had her. This was one of the images I stumbled upon while I was going through my card and deleting all the bad frames. I LOVE this photo. I still have many more to go through and airbrush, but I'm so excited that I had to post this one.